Mini Putt Pro
Mini Putt Pro
Mini Putt Pro
Mini Putt Pro

Mini Putt Pro

Master Your Putting Skills Using A Smaller Target

  • 2 in 1 Putting Tool
  • Train Like The Pro's
  • No More 3 Putts
  • Easy To Use Anywhere
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Product Dimensions 12.7 x 12.7 x 2.54 cm
Color White
Material Plastic
Item Weight 87 g

Tricking Your Mind Will Lower Your Score

Did you know a golf hole is 4.25 inches wide.

That's nearly 3 golf balls.

Many golfers struggle to realize how big a hole really is. Our minds play mental games with us.

But why not reverse the roles and trick our minds. 

Build your confidence by warming-up with your smaller size hole. 

Make The Hole Feel Bigger

Narrowing down your focus on the practice green will make every hole seem bigger on the course.

This is also known as size illusion.

Training with a smaller hole will not only improve your focus.

But also improve your misses.

It takes 10 minutes before every round to get instant putting results on the course.

Tiger Woods Fist Pump
Putting to a tiny golf hole
7 Benefits Reducing The Hole

1. Mastering This Hole Will Lower Your Score

2. Improves Your Distance And Speed Control

3. Eliminate Your 3 Putts

4. Powerful Psychological Effect

5. Never Miss A 3-5 Foot Putt Ever Again

6. “Aim Small Miss Small”

7. Use It Indoors And Outdoors

Which Orange Hole is bigger?
Test Your Perception

If you said the left orange hole, congrats you've just tricked your mind.

The answer is neither. There exactly the same size.

A study by the psychological sciences at Purdue University tested this experiment on golfers after their rounds.

They revealed golfers with a better score tended to select the left orange hole.

Changing your perception with the golf hole is a very powerful mental trick.

Which hole is bigger size illusion
Only 32.3% of golfers can do this
Train Like The Pro's

Start your practice by choosing which size hole you want to master:

Level 1 Size = 2.87 Inches

Level 2 Size = 2.48 Inches

Set up anywhere between 4-10 balls about 3-5 feet around your Mini Putt Pro.

Your goal is to sink every putt.

If you miss one you got to start over.

Take it to the next level by extending the circle by a foot after completing each round.

Circle Putting Drill

FREE Putting Drill

Build Your Confidence

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