Swing Corrector
Swing Corrector
Swing Corrector

Swing Corrector

Over 11 Different Drills For Instant Results

  • Swing Like The Pro's
  • Multi-Purpose Training Aid
  • For Both Left & Right Handed Golfers
  • Learn How To Engage All Your Muscles
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Product Dimensions 52 x 40 x 3 cm
Color Red
Material Plastic
Item Weight 380 g


Free eBook Swing Corrector Training Guide With Every Purchase

Rory Mcilroy Phil Mickelson and Adam Scott Backswing

8 Swing Corrector Benefits

1. Eliminate Coming Over The Top

2. Improve & Control Your Swing Path

3. Increase Your Shot Consistency

4. Maintain Good Swing Posture

5. Produce Accurate Club Angles

6. Build The Perfect Tempo

7. Gain More Power & Distance

8. Develop Proper Body Rotation Before, During, & After Impact

See Instant Results

Use your Swing Corrector in-between shots with any club.

We recommend 5 rehearsal swings before hitting any balls.

You'll be surprised with each shot result now that you've mastered consistency in your swing.

Is this happening to you?
Most Common Swing Mistakes

- Standing Up In Your Swing

- Swinging Over The Top

- Poor Swing Angles

- Inconsistent Tempo

- Club Isn't Parallel In Your Backswing

- Lack Of Upper Body Rotation

Correct golf posture
Positional Awareness device
Fix All Your Issues With The Swing Corrector

All your swing mistakes happen because of 2 reasons.

You lack proper posture & body alignment.

These two are a reflection to how you hit your balls. Also known as the foundation of your swing.

Our advance design on the Swing Corrector will make it impossible for you to return to old habits.

Swing Corrector Review

The Best Solution For A Better Rotation
Proper golf swing rotation
Easy To Use

We've design the Swing Corrector to solve all your swing issues in seconds.

Before every round, wake up your muscles & body the efficient way with these steps:


1. From your natural golf posture, let your underarm that is held by the velcro strap rotate your body back into your backswing.

2. Pause for a second when you reach the top of your backswing.

3. After your pause, feel as if your hand gripping the handle bar is continuing your downswing swing. Pause again when you reach impact.

4. You've just completed your first Pump. 

Complete 3-5 reps of 3 sets.

Shot Tracer
Swing Like Tiger Woods

We all know his story.

With twenty-five years as a professional, Tiger Woods has experienced it all.

From nearly losing his life to questioning if he'll ever walk again. Let's not forget the 5 back surgerys and 5 knee surgerys throughout his career.

And yet his swing looks so simple.

The key to his success is repetition.

Tiger Woods swing plane

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