Impact Band
Impact Band

Impact Band

Keep Your Arms And Body In-Sync In Your Swing

  • Get Instant Results
  • Simple To Use
  • Increase Consistency
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Product Dimensions 12 x 10 x 5 cm
Color Black
Material Neoprene
Item Weight 50 g

Stop Disconnecting Your Arms

The most common swing issues are with golfers who let their arms take over their swing.

This will usually begin from your takeaway, with your arms moving without your shoulders.

You will then notice your swing plane get a bit higher then normal.

Which will result to you coming over the top to either slicing or pulling your shots.

Coming over the top in golf swing
Arms & body
Stay Connected Your Entire Swing

Any Pro will tell you the importance of keeping your arms & body in-sync in your swing.

The Impact Band is the best training aid to achieve these positions.

Learn to control your swing before controlling your shots.

It will feel as if your arms & body are glued together.

This will force your entire body to work all in one motion.

Tiger Woods Swing Power Band Drill

7 Swing Benefits Using Your Impact Band

1. Keeps Your Arms & Body Connected

2. Improves Chest Rotation

3. Swing With More Control

4. Eliminate Coming Over The Top

5. Consistently Stripe Straighter Shots

6. Develop A Better Tempo

7. Gain An Extra 6+ yds

Easy To Use
It Only Takes 10 Minutes

It's as simple as sliding your Impact Band just above both of your elbows joints.

You should be able to feel that elastic tension between your arms, chest, and the Impact Band.

Get into your setup posture and relax your body. You don't want your arms to be too stiff at address.

Practice freely swinging the club back and forth starting with a half swing. If it feels a bit strange at first, it's working.

Once your ready take it on the range and stripe some shots.

Try This Free Drill To Keep Your Body & Arms In-Sync

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