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If 3 Putting Is A Struggle In Your Game


For putting a big thing to improve your strokes gain around the green is to change your mindset.

I got a mental prep for reading greens that’s been helping Pro golfers and all my students out.

Tiger talked about this in an interview in 2007 but no one took it seriously.

A lot of people play the game to make every putt no matter the distance. When faced with any putt outside of the 10+ foot range never focus on sinking these putts or aiming directly at the hole. Your main focus is to get your next putt with that 3 foot range around the hole. Even if you come up short on your first putt as long as your within that 3 foot circle around the hole you shouldn’t worry.

This technique has help a lot of golfers eliminate 3 putting even though this tip may sound stupid. But sometimes it’s the stupid tips that’ll improve your game.


Try this strategy during your next round and watch your strokes gain around the green progressively improve.

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