The ULTIMATE Solution To STRIPE Your Driver

The ULTIMATE Solution To STRIPE Your Driver

Are You Striping Your Irons Perfectly But Struggle To Find A Fairway With Your Driver?

In an interview with TaylorMade, the best driver in the world Rory Mcilroy discusses the biggest issue with amateur golfers.

"A lot of people setup to their driver like they set up to their iron. That really isn't the best position to start from."

Rory's Top 2 Setup Tips To Hitting Your Drivers Are:

1. Setup and have the ball further forward in your stance. The ball should line up with your front foot heel.

2. Angle your upper body away from the target. Which will help you hit more up on the golf ball with the correct club face angle at impact.


It can get annoying when you've tried every drill and still struggle to fix your slices.


Strong Neutral Weak Golf Grip

Here Are 5 Common Mistakes Causing Your Driver To Slice:

1. Your holding the club with a weak grip which is making it harder for the club face to return square at impact.   


2. It can also be the equipment. If your hitting your irons fine, maybe it's time to update your driver.

- What’s your loft of your driver?

Less lofted clubs tend to add more spin on the ball.

- It can also be the type of shaft that you use.

But don’t go out and buy a new club until you figure out what’s going on


3. Is your ball located to far back in your stance.

As Rory Mcilroy said above you don't want to approach your driver like how you hit your iron. Keeping it simple, with your ball further back in your stance your impact with your driver will be left with an open face.


4. You may be coming over the top on your downswing adding left to right spin on your ball.


5. I find it common for people to grip their drivers with there club face wide open.

Have someone else take a picture or tell you where your club is aiming at during setup.