SECRET To Chipping Around The Green

SECRET To Chipping Around The Green

The main goal when chipping around the green is to understand your distance control. For most of us, chipping is a gut feeling. We guess how big of a backswing to take, along with the best club to use in hopes of a chance to go up & down.

Let's not forget choosing between pitching or chipping your shot.

Pitching are shots that occur with less roll, more air. This shot is usually done with a higher lofted club (54°, 56°, 58°, 60°).

Chipping usually occurs with less air, more roll. Rolling the ball to the hole is the most common shot around the green. This shot can be done using your short irons (7-iron, 8-iron, 9-iron), or 52°- 56° wedges.

The SECRET to mastering your short-game around the green is to form a formula that works on any course.

The 6-8-10 Method

This may take a bit of practice but this is a technique that has help golfers master there short game.

This formula is directed for chipping. 6-8-10 Method introduces air and ground time ratio for chip shots hit by different clubs.

Using this formula you can chip with any iron or wedge improving both your distance control and club selection.

  • Chipping with a P-Wedge, your ball tends to fly 1/2 the distance and roll the other 1/2.
  • Chipping with a 8-Iron, your ball will fly 1/3 of the distance and roll the other 2/3.
  • Chipping with a 6-Iron, your ball will fly 1/4 of the distance and roll the other 3/4.

If your going uphill always go a club up with the same tempo. Any downhill shots or dealing with fast greens will always call for a club less.

This will sound confusing to read but try it out.

Go on the course and play 3 different shots (6-Iron, 8-Iron, P-Wedge) from the same location to the same target.

Select which club will be the best choice from that position and move on to a new location repeating this process. Do this until your capable of understanding which club has the best outcomes based on the position your in around the green.