The 4 Best Golf Training Aids

The 4 Best Golf Training Aids

The top training aids to improve your game hand selected by PGA Coaches around the world. 

Best Golf Training Aids

 Best Golf Training Aids 

Golf is a sport that requires precision, control, and skill. While natural talent can help, it's often not enough to reach your full potential on the course. This is why training aids were develop to increase our golfing skills more consistently.

Training aids are designed to help golfers identify and correct swing flaws, improve their swing mechanics, and build muscle memory. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, training aids can help you take your game to the next level by providing instant feedback and targeted drills. 



5 Best Golf Training Aids

1. The Mini Putt Pro (Hole Reducer)

One of the easiest way to sink more putts is to make the hole seem bigger. The Mini Putt Pro (Hole Reducer) is exactly as the name describes. A training aid design to make reduce the hole size to 2.48 inches.

Golf Hole Reducer Drill


Putting Benefits Reducing The Hole

1. Mastering This Hole Will Lower Your Score

2. Improves Your Distance And Speed Control

3. Eliminate Your 3 Putts

4. Powerful Psychological Effect

5. Never Miss A 3-5 Foot Putt Ever Again

6. “Aim Small Miss Small”

7. Use It Indoors And Outdoors


Golf Hole Reducer

Putting is one of the most important aspects of golf, as it determines the outcome of your shots on the green. While it may seem counterintuitive, using a smaller hole can actually help improve your putting skills. By making the hole smaller, you're forcing yourself to be more precise and aim for a smaller target.

This increases the challenge and helps you focus on the fine details of your putting stroke, such as the speed, line, and break of your putts. Over time, putting to a smaller hole can help develop a smoother, more consistent putting stroke, and improve your accuracy and confidence on the green.

]Additionally, using a smaller hole can help identify any weaknesses or flaws in your putting technique, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments and improvements. So, if you want to take your putting skills to the next level, try practicing with a smaller hole. Your putting game will thank you.



2. Power Band (Arm Band)

Maintaining the correct connection between your arms and body is the secret for consistent and efficient golf shots. The Power Band (Arm Band) will not only help your master this connection but maximize your power and control to your shots.

Power Band Benefits

1. Keeps Your Arms & Body Connected

2. Improves Chest Rotation

3. Swing With More Control

4. Eliminate Coming Over The Top

5. Consistently Stripe Straighter Shots

6. Develop A Better Tempo

7. No More Chicken Wings

8. Never Over Swing Again


Golf Arm Band

The most popular training aid used by pros around the world. The Power Band (Arm Band) is design to stop your arms from separating result to some nasty shots.

Promoting a one-piece takeaway and ensuring your arms and shoulders work together.It only takes one step. Simply slip wrap The Power Band (Arm Band) around your biceps.

By wearing the arm band, you'll develop a better feel for the movement of your arms and learn to keep them connected to your body throughout the swing. This can lead to better ball striking, increased accuracy, and improved swing mechanics. So, if you're looking to improve your swing and bring more power and control to your shots, consider using a golf Arm Band during your practice sessions.

3. The Swing Corrector

The only multipurpose device designed to promote mobility and swing mechanics development. The Swing Corrector is used to warm-up your muscles before golfing and improve golfers swing through 11 different drills.
Proper golf swing rotation

Swing Corrector Benefits

1. Eliminate Coming Over The Top

2. Improve & Control Your Swing Path

3. Increase Your Shot Consistency

4. Maintain Good Swing Posture

5. Produce Accurate Club Angles

6. Build The Perfect Tempo

7. Gain More Power & Distance

8. Develop Proper Body Rotation Before, During, & After Impact


When it comes to improving your swing, having a consistent shoulder & upper body rotation is crucial in letting the trail arm set with the correct club angle in your backswing. When the upper and lower body are disconnected, the swing can become uncoordinated and inconsistent, resulting in loss of power and accuracy.

A synchronized movement between the upper and lower body allows for a more efficient transfer of energy from the ground up, resulting in greater clubhead speed and distance.


4. Putting Mirror

The most effective way to improve your putting is by using a mirror. Get instant visual feedback before, during, and after each putt in order to shoot lower scores.

Putting Mirror Benefits


1. Master Your Target Alignment

2. Design To Improve Your Eye Focus

3. Never 3 Putt Again

4. Maintain A Straighter Club Path

5. Use It With Other Drills

6. Eliminate Pushing Your Putts

7. Build Your Confidence With 5-Footers


The mirror provides immediate feedback on the path and face alignment of your putter, allowing you to see and correct any flaws in your setup or stroke.
Additionally, using a Putting Mirror can help you develop a better feel for the pace and speed of your putts, leading to improved accuracy and distance control.
It's as simple as keeping your stroke parallel to the lines on the Putting Mirror.