Tiger Woods 5-RULES That Will IMPROVE Your Game

Tiger Woods 5-RULES That Will IMPROVE Your Game

I've spent this weekend studying past interviews of Tiger Woods on how he managed to dominate the golf world for so many years.

In order to improve in your game, certain rules and boundaries need to be establish that will guide you to success.

Scott Fawcett, the founder of DECADE Golf recalls a conversation with Tiger Woods that he said "became the backbone to his game".

Tiger Woods created a 5-rule system to follow that allowed him to keep a 68.17 round average during his prime years on tour.

This system can be used by any golfers and if followed correctly will lower your scoring average instantly.

Tiger Woods 5 Rules Of Golf

5-Rule System To Lower Your Score

Rule #1: No Bogeys On Par 5's

Par 5's are to be taken advantage of. For any long hitters, turning these par 5's into par 4's is mandatory. On average, you would see 3 par 5's per golf course. Tiger Woods saw this scoring opportunity to turn par 72 courses into par 69.

But birdies/eagles aren't essential for taking advantage of par 5's. Par 5's can be viewed as a free hole with an ending result of the easiest par of your round.

By no chance should you leave a par 5 with a bogey or worst. 

Rule #2: No Double Bogeys

A bogey will never kill your round, but doubles will.

Never over do it on a hole just to finish with a double. If your already in a bad position, leaving the hole with a bogey is your best/only option. This may sound stupid but try it and watch your score decrease.

For example, you've driven your ball behind a tree on a par 4. Don't ever risk it trying to pull a miracle fade/draw into the green. Play it safe and chip it onto the fairway. Set yourself up to potentially go up & down for a par or 2-putt for a bogey.

Rule #3: No Bogeys From 150 Yds Out

You've just launched your drive into the middle of the fairway setting yourself up for a easy second-shot. Your first thought will always be "this is a great birdie chance".

Your 100% right but let's guide your mindset away from the added pressure and excitement of a potential birdie. Instead, say to yourself "I'm in a great position to not make a bogey".

By taking a bogey out of the play and accepting a par, you're going to create more birdie opportunities.

Rule #4: No Blown Easy Up & Downs

We all will miss greens. Nobody's perfect, so when you do miss a green are you over complicating your chance to save par?

Tiger Woods isn't saying you should be capable of going up & down every time but when the opportunity is right.


The opportunity is right when you have a lot of green to work with or chipping uphill. 

Rule #5: No 3-Putts

This is probably the worst feeling as a golfer. You will never lower your score if you have a lot of them.

For putting a big thing to improve your strokes gain around the green is to change your mindset.

I got a mental prep for reading greens that’s been helping Pro golfers and all my students out.

Tiger talked about this in an interview in 2007 but no one took it seriously.

A lot of people play the game to make every putt no matter the distance. When faced with any putt outside of the 10+ foot range never focus on sinking these putts or aiming directly at the hole.

Your main focus is to get your next putt with that 3 foot range around the hole.

Even if you come up short on your first putt as long as your within that 3 foot circle around the hole you shouldn’t worry.

This technique has help a lot of golfers eliminate 3 putting even though this tip may sound stupid. But sometimes it’s the stupid tips that’ll improve your game.